Sunday, June 3, 2012

My morning assembly speech

Let Us Love Ourselves Intelligently.
At this moment, I am standing in front of you all and we are facing each other. Next year at this time of the year, we don’t know where we will be. Of course we are guaranteed to be teachers because from past experiences all student teacher gets through the teacher selection test. Though we hope the same to happen with us, a great fear reside within every one of us. So, today I am here to encourage you all, in fact encourage myself because I am also one of them.
If we think nicely there’s nothing to be feared. It’s natural for people to get nervous before or during an interview. We know we are a good teacher. We have graduated from a college with a teaching degree and we have worked with students in the past. So, why are we nervous? It’s those pesky little questions, isn’t it? The fear n my mind as soon as I hear INTERVIEW is that maybe interviewers will ask me difficult questions one after another and I will be nervous not knowing which one to answer first, ending up giving them a blank look. Though I am also unaware of interviews, I am here with some tips which may help us.
- This is the first question at almost every interview. TELL ABOUT YOURSELF. Just give a brief background in about 3 sentences. Tell them what you are certified to teach, what your teaching and working experiences are and why you would love the job.
- Arrive early and look professional. Wear something neat which shows your personality and most of all you feel comfortable in. part of your appearance is your body language, manners and definitely no one wants a teacher without manners.
- Continuously make eye contact as you answer your questions. Making eye contact shows confidence and gives you a connection with your interviewer.
- Don’t be bothered if they are writing while you are talking. Remember, they many candidates and want to remember what you say.
- Review commonly asked questions. think about what you will say beforehand.
- Don’t pretend you know everything. Be honest and sometimes accept your weakness. You should be willing to learn more.
Now you must be thinking that this girl said she will talk about loving ouself intelligently but she keeps on talking about selection test. Actually it’s all the same. As his Holiness Dalai Lama said, “be wise to be selfish”, it’s just a matter of loving our self intelligently.
Like being kind to others brings us merit and double kindness in return, loving our profession is just the same. Love your profession, love what you are doing and I bet there will not be a day in your life that is not worth living. That’s how we can love our self intelligently.
Unlike in past years let us not consider the test as fiery compulsion but a gateway to success to our new life. Fearing is good for nothing, fearing makes us impertinent, that’s what Sogyal rinpoche says. After being trained for 4 years, we can’t afford to be an embarrassment to our college and government. So, starting from today let us gain confidence from each other and not fear for anything that will stop us from being a dedicated teacher to our students and citizens to our nation.  I am sure everyone of my friends love teaching and if by any chance you are into teaching by compulsion, I think it’s high time for you to love yourself intelligently.


Unknown said...

wow... i hope you got a huge applaud.... nice speech dear

Dechen Ugyen said...

hhhaaaaaa....i know you are my type and likes whatever i do. Thanks for always being on my side.

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