Tuesday, January 28, 2020


As the sun adorns the valley
And the river flows in silence
I sit by the river on a wooden bench
my mind filled with imaginations

Dreaming, you sitting next to me
Together we watch the birds sing and swing
I watch you smile
Till the sun embellishes the whole valley

Slowly, you disappear with the colorful birds
Despite my urge to hold your hands
I stop myself and dare not to hold
For power, I don’t have over reality

Although futile my wish
I walk around with hope
undivided we shall be
In our thoughts.

What a beautiful day!

What if?

If I am a flower of free in your field
What color do you think I would be
Pink, Red, Yellow or White?
I bet Red indeed would be a treat!

If you were a bee of free in my field
What color do you think you would choose?
Pink, Red, Yellow or White?
I bet Red indeed would be the best!

If we were a flower and a bee
Would you have frequented me
Or gone when the nectars done
Or when the spring's over

If I am a flower of free in your field
Would my fragnance fill the air?
If you were a bee of free your field
Would your charm fill the sky?

Together, would we create a beautiful field?
Together, would we glow in the dark?
Together, would there be pure happiness?
In the field of gentle light and breeze!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Closer to Home

Shall we go for a picnic? Lets go for shopping. Are we going for the Wang (Blessing)? The answers to the questions are always a NO. A polite NO with pretty good excuses.

Are you going to play the upcoming football tournament? Are you taking part in these and that.....all out of home.... A delightful Yes! Basically, he likes to go out and encourages me to go out as well. He often said, he missed his free bachelor life.

When we first married, he was the one who gave me lots of love and attention. He loved to spent more time together with me. He once asked for a date over a Dzongkha movie which now he never watches even if its compulsory. After marriage, it became just the opposite. I was the one seeking attention instead. My married life became unromantic day by day. I was the housekeeper and our home was just a shelter. I wanted him to spend more time with me but for him, his friends and social life was more important. I think this is the point of time when most husband and wife faces controversies. Husbands misses their free life while wives want to see them fulfill their promises.

He was playing endless football tournaments when I was pregnant. I earnestly wished him to stay by my side, comforting me and listening to me. I am not telling that he did not care me at all.  He did all the household chores and prepared delicious meals every time. He is a good cook and I always proudly tell this to almost all my friends. By the time he comes home, it will be already dark. Then he would do the cleaning, washing and prepare dinner. I would be already angry when he returned home and there would be not much of talking by then. 

After Thuksel, my life changed a lot. He play games, he goes out but he has time for us. He loves going out with us, loves taking pictures and spending time at home. He takes care of our son more than I do and he cares me too. He quit drinking and that's the biggest appreciation I have.

I thank you Thuksel, for bringing your dad closer to you, closer to me and closer to home. You did what I can't! I hope you will always do what I can't and what I didn't even think of in your life. I don't know how long this happiness will last as everything is impermanent but will always be thankful for the happiness both of you give me. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Golden Jubilee celebration in Tang Central School

Tang Central School is one of the oldest school in Bhutan. It was established in 1965.On 8th October, 2015 we celebrated Tang Central School's golden Jubilee. From Pre- primary to Middle Secondary and now central school, TCS nurtured various individuals. TCS is now 50 years old and one of the institution that contributed a lot in shaping Bhutan.

As a remembrance and tribute to the school, the alumni of TCS formed a body to help Tang Celebrate it's 50th birth anniversary. From the fund generated from the community, we built a Jamyang Phodrang in front of the main academic block. Mr. Sonam Wangdi and Mr. Renchin Thinley coordinated the whole program and made our school look even more beautiful. An alumnus, Thinley, sponsored all the wood materials on top of being the head architect for the structure.

Newly constructed Jamyang Phodrang

Dr. Pema Jamtsho, the opposition leader and alumnus of this school was the chief guest. Many other distinguish guests, alumni, officials from the dzongkhag and the people of Tang celebrated the occasion. 

Apart from cultural programs, we also had many interactive programs, bridging the gap between the the alumni and the present students. Chocolate race was a very interesting program. 

One Such Program was identifying the oldest student and the youngest student. Ap Sangayla, the oldest student and Norzin Selden, the youngest student with the chief guest, Dasho Nima and the Dzongda of Bumthang.

Hitting the bell blind folded was also one cheering program among many. 

There was also several sports events by the students which added fun to the grand occasion. 

Golden Jubilee celebration will always be remembered. It was a great one! Congratulations Tang. May your journey of building the nation continue till eternity.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Becoming a mother

Becoming a mother is the most satisfactory and greatest thing I have done in my whole life. It was such a natural feeling for me. I was quite nervous but it all went very smoothly.

Not to forget the kindness and support I got from the doctors in welcoming our sweet baby in this world. I would like to thank the Gynecologist, Dr. Sonam Gyamtsho of Mongar Regional Referral Hospital and his team for taking care of us (me and my son). I thank you so much for the experienced care and support you provided me during the delivery of our precious son Thuksel.

My life savior- Gynecologist Sonam Gyamtsho
From the very beginning, through my troubles to the assisted delivery and the care afterwards, you have been kind, gentle and compassionate. Bumthang Hospital diagnosed my baby to be breech and therefore I was referred to Mongar. After staying at Mongar for almost a month the final day arrived. I was playing Candy Crush in Tshering's Phone when my labor pain started at around 7:30 am. I barely gave any heed and continued playing. The contraction became more intense with each passing minute and at around three in the evening blood showed. We hurried to the hospital.

I got in the labor room at around 3:30 pm and delivered at 4:33pm, kind of easy, what others say but death experience for me...  I screamed, cried, shouted and nagged but the doctors were so tolerant and caring. I have heard my friends who have had bad experiences at the birthing room and seen some as well but I was so so lucky to get the best team.

 We were waiting for the delivery to begin and when it was finally ready, the brother said my child has fetal distress and I must have Cesarean. I was almost dying. They began preparing me for cesarean and called the Gynecologist. All was set and they put me in another bed, ready to be taken to the C-section room when my KENCHO SUM arrived right in time. Dr. Sonam arrived in around 5 minutes after the call. He inquired the brother about my status and decided to deliver immediately without having to operate. Had the doctor been late for few seconds, my complication might have worsened.  KENCHO SUM helped me, he came to me in the form of the doctor. Even from the eyes of dying hell, Dr. Sonam looked so calm and reliable. I was so much relieved, I am in the hands of an angel, so tender and trustworthy.

Another heartfelt thanks goes to my loving mother, sister Rinchen Lhamo and brother Thinley Wangchuk for your undying support and care. You all are the worlds best people and I will remember you all at least once a year on 22nd June. Thanks for helping me welcome my dear son with good experience and helping me create a happy memory in my life. I will always pray for your good health and may you be blessed with all the happiness in the world.

I had assisted delivery and Thuksel gave his first cry. Dying in pain and dying to see the little one, I asked Tshering to go and see our baby who was kept right opposite to me. He was holding my hands, equally nervous said "We will go together later to see him tubga". I thought its a very good idea I never thought of and gladly said "Okay, Lets see him together"

While I was dressing after delivery, to my dismay Tshering was near our son, breaking the quick sweet promise. I still resent him for this very often..hehehhee.....My bu weighed 2.9 gms and 53 cms long.

The world I live in right now, My Small World.
Even though I have only been a mother for three and a half months, I feel that it is my greatest accomplishment that I have ever received in life. If i’m in a bad mood, I just look at my son and he makes my whole day better just by a simple smile. I feel that I am very lucky and fortunate to have such a good baby.  While my decisions were previously driven by my own needs and wants, they now center around my baby’s own needs and wants. It is very hard at times for me to take care of Thuksel on top of keeping up with my school work and trying to keep the house clean. My husband helps me out a lot on all of that.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


I don't understand politics and high level talks. I don't know why, but I often have problems understanding big things or something requiring many procedures to be done. By the virtue of our beloved monarchs and my own past merit, by the nature of the place I live in, I was happy, satisfied and doing my regular duties. Few days back, while I am returning from the class I was shocked to see many of my fellow teachers with a head phone each and some sharing with others. Its an unusual scenario of our staff room. They were listening so attentively.

I was curious and asked them, what are they listening to and they told me that our pay is going to be raised and they are listening to the parliament session on radio. The first thought that struck me was "No, it is impossible." I thought so because I heard and know that our country is having lots of debts. I am at least aware of our economic conditions though I stay in a remote part of our country. I had my next class, so I had to go.

After class I checked BBS website and found out that we will get 20% pay increment and housing allowance as well. As soon as I saw the news, I got convinced after all BBS is a nation wide media. The doubt and question that came to my mind before no longer bothered me. I was delighted, so was my fellow teachers until today. We didn't understand why. There are so may WHY in our minds. Why did they give us false happiness? Is it a lie? Are we being cheated? Is this how things work? Is this GNH? How did the percentage decrease from 19-25% to 4-10%?

Our dear government, We are happy and satisfied. It is okay even if u can't increase our pay. Government is paying us and we are surviving. We expect you to function for the benefits of our country and make a stronger Bhutan. It is well and good if you can do it but even if you can't we won't blame you. All we need is to see and understand that Bhutan is going in the right way. We are all human beings. We understand that we have economic crisis. We won't expect if you explain us, why you can't do certain tasks instead of giving us false information. As a citizen of Bhutan, we have Right to Information. We elected you to help us get our right. Not to take it away. As a nation builder and a youth, I personally think this type of things shouldn't happen in Bhutan and I can't believe this is actually happening.

It disturbed us mentally and I am sure it disturbed all civil servants of Bhutan. We were doing good. We even didn't think about it. And the feeling after this incident is awful. We pledge you, we don't want to feel this way. We want to feel cared and regarded.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today, we had a Cluster Based Inservice Programme in our school and I came to know an interesting thing.  I met a teacher who teaches at Khangrab CPS.  His name is Choki Dorji and he is from Benzibee, Tang, Bumthang.

We chatted for sometime and I came to know that he was the first person registered in the civil registration. He comes first in terms of rank of citizenship identity card from our country. Going by the alphabetical order, Bumthang comes first from the rest and his village Benzibee comes first from Bumthang.  Since his name starts from 'C' , he ended up becoming the first person to get photographed for Citizenship identity card despite many people whose names also start with 'C'.

Though there can be coincidences in such cases, I personally feel its a wonderful coincidence. One would not get such opportunity even by chance if we dont have a great deal of merit and karma. To be on the first rank of about 741,822 people, without any effort !

Friday, April 11, 2014


Dear Dechen's,
Yesterday was one of the happiest day of my life. We had the honor to have an audience with Ashi Kuenzang Choden, the first women writer from Bhutan.

We invited her as a guest speaker as we are observing writing week for the first time in our school.

Listening to her soft soothing words of wisdom,  changed my very
notion of writing. She explained writing in a very simple and interesting manner. She told us that we shouldnot be afarid of grammatical mistakes and structures while writing which I worry about every time. In her writing secrets she shared with us how she struggled as a sstudent, how she came to love English and how she gets inspiration from small simple things.

From now on, I will not fear as long as I have interest and as long as I can express my thoughts.  Mistakes will no longer bother me now!
She also talked about how she wrote Dawa. I read the story but it was not as touching as she summed up to us in about 10 minutes. Her English was very simple and clear which I liked the most in her.

So now I can say, I can be in touch with u frequently because I don't fear writing now. I love it and I CAN WRITE.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

In TANG.......

It’s been almost 2 months since I didn’t write on my blog. Blogging is something I love doing though my writing is not that good. Although I am not a regular blogger, I really miss doing it these days because I don’t have access to internet.hehe. “We know the value of something, by the want of it”, truly said! I regret for complaining about the speed of wireless connection back in college, now that I don’t have any access to internet and broadband connection is ten times slower than the slow wireless connection in college.
After my RCSE selection test, I am placed here in Tang Middle Secondary School under Bumthang Dzongkhag. TANG, as it sounds, has a remarkable and beautiful meaning. Legends have it that Guru Rinpoche created a wooden airplane in which the mythological KHI-KHA-RA-THOE and his descendants took off and landed here in Tang (creating the sound TANG), hence the place got its name. It’s unbelievable that Guru created Aeroplane before Wright Brothers did. And the place where the airplane landed still exist, the place is now known as Kii-zom (was initially Khyi-zom).
Tang M. S. S is 17km feeder road drive away from the historic Tang Mebartsho (the burning Lake). It’s an isolated valley surrounded by ridges and foersts. I oftenly wish I could see houses and lives on the opposite sides of the school. During the first few days here, I felt like I have been put in a well, enclosed and dry. Nevertheless I am getting used to it now.
We have our first batch of class 10 and IT elective section of students this year with 24 teachers. Like in any other schools in rural Bhutan, students here are raw, innocent and obedient. It sounds uninteresting to say this but the standard of study here is kind of low.
Life in Tang is letting me experience the real taste of life. It’s like I have lived my life in a FANTASY I LIKE till now. I was with parents, friends, with elders; I always had someone to hold on to. For the past 4 years, I had my two precious friends to cling on, and now I am here…..All alone- This is what impermanence is on a smaller scale.
Every day, I go to school, teach, and come back home, plan for next day. Each day ends like this in a monotone. There is no spice to life. At the end of the day, when I could not close my eyes, I wonder and ask to myself……..where in the point of my life did I reach? Am I really grown up now? Am I really supposed to work on my own and earn a living?
Confused and dejected, depressed and crest fallen, I only have a reason for living here. A goal to fulfill, a wish to achieve……. “TO GROOM THE FUTURE OF BHUTAN”.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Remembering Bygone Days II.

James Barrie said, "God gave us our memories so that we might have roses in December." This post contains some reminiscences of my class mates, some of the interesting things I want to remember. I hope my friends won't mind for writing about them here. Its because I find it interesting. 

Lopen Zhip Tshoel (Research).

Phub Dorji was the Lopen Zhip Tshoel of our class. He got this name because during discussions and question answer sessions he would always say that he did some research and found out something else to support his answer. Actually he really does that in real. He chases every lecturer and enquires a lot if he had doubts which many of us don’t dare to do. For this reason, we despise him sometimes for making the class bit longer especially when we wanted free periods. But his persistence helps us a lot at the end of the semester. A true lover and a very sincere talented guy.

Lopen Pey Tam (Quotes)

We can, with 100% expect him to utter a quote and relate it to whatever he speaks. His talks become interesting with this unique style of his. I would always wonder if he prepares what he’s going to speak every day in advance. His conversation includes poetry and often indirect speeches. One would not understand him unless we ponder on what he said. He will Praise us amazingly and finally leave us most of us snubbed. Popularly Known as Janey because he calls everyone Janey and finally he got the name back to himself. An artistic and creative guy.

Many interesting Lopens remaining. Will continue in next post.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Remembering Bygone Days I.

 The past four years were the most indelible moments of my life. When I first joined college in 2009, four years sounded like eternity. I would often wonder, When will the training period end? What am I going to do in such a long time? Or am I gonna go out of here a little older and a little taller? (hehe) Now it’s already 2013 and I am out of there. Looking back now and answering the questions I used to ask myself, those four years passed me without even a warning notice. I learned many things and I am loaded with lots of unforgettable carefree memories. The only sad thing is I am still the same little Dechen both in height and size, haha.

The days were as tough as drinking a cup of tea. Others say “not as easy as drinking a cup of tea” but I say TOUGH because drinking a cup of tea to me is not an easy task. One will end up burning one’s mouth if one didn’t check if it’s hot, or the tea would not be tasty if it cooled too much. We need to know when and how to drink the tea exactly if we were to experience the best taste of the tea. Likewise, we were required to know the right time to do every task and needed to balance between studies and enjoyment.

My class photo.

I had my own share of Tea to drink in various flavor. Sometimes very hot, sometimes cold and at times I ended up spilling. Nevertheless, those tinsy little moments made my life enjoyable, challenging, funny and ineffaceable. All of us joined superbly young, active, innocent and curious. By the passage of time we became aged, lazy and a little egoistic but ardent and confident. Although we were busy with our own studies and assignments we never missed chances to enjoy. We are not the best beings but everyone of us have something good to look at and I can confidently say that we are a fresh batch of dynamic young teachers impatient to join our education system.

The Sweet Six.

From left- Tshering Lham, Phub Gyem,Choki Wangmo, Chado Om,
Yangka  Dem and myself.
We were only six of us. Being less in number gave us more challenges and difficulties although our boys used to treat us heavenly. COMPULSORY is the case in everything. We have to be there in every activity. The same face, six of us in dance, in sports, in SUPW and in everything. We would always envy other classes with more numbers of girls. Even so, we took it as an opportunity and tried to attend and do everything possible like others. In other fields we were quite fine but when it came to Basket Ball and Volley Ball….ahhh…..not to mention the confusions and misunderstandings. From six, all five of us were almost nil in sports but giving up would mean a fine of certain amount. So, we dragged our feet ineptly and played to lose every time. I wished to at least serve a service once in volley ball but I completed 4 years just filling in the space like an effigy. I would never extend myself to touch the ball; in fact even the ball didn’t extend towards me.haha However, all those moments remain deep-seated in our minds becoming sweet sweet memories now. I won’t regret for not enjoying my College life!

                                                                                                to be continued................